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Investigations and Forensic

As any business grows and becomes more sophisticated the potential for disputes of increasing magnitude and complexity grows as well.

This means that it is all the more important that they are resolved as quickly as possible.

The team

Our Forensic Accounting Services team is a highly specialised unit with extensive experience in dealing with dispute analysis and investigations into commercial and contractual, as well as shipping and insurance disputes including fraud and false accounting.

Our core team is supported by experts in other areas including computer risk management, actuarial assessments, corporate finance and UK and overseas taxation.

The degree of specialisation within the group is designed to ensure that our team brings to each assignment not only the necessary technical and professional skills, but also a very significant depth of specific industry knowledge.

Initial assessments

Quite commonly an urgent need arises for a review of key issues including instances where there may be doubt whether an accounting expert can make a cost-effective contribution or whether a single expert has identified and considered all aspects of the matter.

Under this service, for an agreed fixed fee, we review the evidence and other materials provided to us and deliver a timely written response within an agreed timetable on a no commitment basis.