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Educational institutions are a diverse group, whether university, further education, sixth form college, academy school, independent school or private training provider, currently face special challenges, as well as increased competition. 

And like any business, the unrelenting pressure to create efficiencies is worse in the face of reduced budgets while meeting financial accounting and reporting requirements requires a new approach.

Converting to academy status creates both exciting opportunities and unfamiliar challenges. We offer practical support and reassuring advice to help you every step of the way – from making the decision to implementation and dealing of day-to-day issues.

Accounts must be prepared in different formats and be subject to greater public scrutiny.  There are corporate governance structures, reporting on accountability and transparency in the use of public funds, implications for teachers’ pensions, replacement of services previously supplied by the local authority, cash flow management and financial management and reporting in general.

If you need someone who takes time to truly understand your institutional establishment, we can help.